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A message to the Citizens of Utah County :


On election days for an even numbered year (2018, 2020, etc), around 150-200 poll workers staff our voting service centers throughout Utah County. Each poll worker is part of the important election process.

Utah County uses electronic check in and voting equipment which requires additional skills and responsibilities to work with the equipment. Some positions will receive an extra stipend for the additional responsibilities and transporting supplies.

Training is mandatory for each election. All poll workers will be required to attend training prior to each election. Poll Managers and Assistant Managers will be required to attend additional training.

If you would like to be on of these dedicated people who serve their community and contribute to our democratic election process, please complete the questionnaire/ application on this web page and mail it to the address listed below.

If you have been selected to serve, you will receive an assignment and a training schedule.

Thank you



  • What are the hours of work?
    All poll workers must be at their polling location by 6:00 AM on election morning. The day ends after 8:00 PM when polls close and all equipment has been accounted for and properly returned to the Elections Division.
  • Will there be any training?
    Yes, once you agree to be a poll worker, you will be notified of the training schedule. Dates will be provided in an email for your convenience (Usually 2-4 weeks before Election Day).
  • Will I be paid for this service?
    Utah County provides a stipend for those who serve as a poll worker.
  • Will I be provided lunch?
    No, however we encourage you to coordinate a potluck with the other judges or bring a sack lunch.