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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I shoot?

Generally anywhere outside of city limits, on public land is ok including the west desert, B.L.M., State and County lands and Forest Service areas.

You must be more than 200 yards from the items listed in the law below and not on or over a roadway.

Currently shooters often use the area south of Fairfield and west of Redwood road south of Saratoga. Shooters also use a area near mile marker 21 on SR 68 (clay pits), although parts of the pits are now closed and posted due to heavy equipment in the area and excess trash left by shooters. There are several roads leaving SR 68 (Redwood) heading west from mile marker 20, 17 and 4, leading to Allen's Ranch Road, Broad Canyon, Chimney Rock Road and the Elberta Slant Road, all of which have some good areas for shooting with suitable hills for a back stop.

Additionally the Utah County Sheriff's Office, Thistle Gun Range in Spanish Fork Canyon will be open again on Friday nights (5-9) and Saturdays (9-5) this summer, starting June through October.

13-3-3. Discharge of weapons

(a) A person may not, without written permission
from the owner or other person in charge, discharge a
firearm across, into, or within 600 feet of:
(1) a house or dwelling, or
(2) any structure where an animal is kept or fed
including a barn, poultry yard, corral, feeding pen, or
stockyard, or
(3) orchard, standing cornfield, standing silo,
vehicle, or farm equipment.
(b) (1) Hunting of any wildlife, or the discharging of
any firearm is prohibited within the boundaries of all
state parks except those designated by the Division of
Parks and Recreation (R651-603-5 Utah
Administrative Code).
(2) Hunting with, or the discharging of, a rifle,
handgun, or a muzzle-loader in, or within one mile of
all state park facilities designated "open"—including
buildings, camp or picnic sites, overlooks, golf courses,
boat ramps, and developed beaches—is prohibited.
(3) Hunting with, or the discharging of, shotguns
and archery tackle is prohibited within one quarter of
a mile of the above stated park areas.
(c) Nothing herein shall prohibit the possession and
use of firearms at an approved Shooting Range during
the appropriate hours of operation.

County Jail

Medical Care in Jail

My child/spouse/family member is not getting their proper medication. Why won't the jail give them their medication?

When someone comes into the jail, they are given the opportunity to tell the medical staff about their medications, their doctors, and the pharmacies that they use. The medical staff then verifies these medications through the information given and the jail doctor orders those medications that are felt to be appropriate and necessary while in the jail. The final decision is left with the jail physician. An inmate has ample opportunities to ask to speak with the doctor or medical staff about their medication concerns.

Why can't the medical staff tell me how my child/spouse/family member is doing? I just want to know that they are okay.

Because of federal privacy laws, jail policy is such that the medical staff are not allowed to discuss the medical care, treatment plans, medications, or any other private information of any inmate. The medical staff are happy to take any pertinent information that you may have that will assist them in providing the appropriate level of care for the inmate, but they cannot discuss the inmate's condition.


How can I deposit money on an active inmate's books?

There are several ways in which you can deposit money onto an inmate's books:

  • Internet - http://jailatm.com
  • Phone - 1-866-394-0490 (available 24 hours)
  • Lobby kiosks at visiting and booking in the Jail facility. (cash, debit, mastercard, visa are accepted)
  • If you have a cashier's check or money order, you can go to the booking window and they will deposit the money on the inmate's account.
  • You can mail a cashier's check or money order to :
    Utah County Jail
    "inmate's name"
    3075 North Main
    Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

How can I deposit money onto an inactive inmate's books to pay off any debt?

There are three options:

  • You can pay with cash, cashier's check or money order at the "Pay to Stay" west entrance.
  • You can pay with cash, cashier's check or money order at the booking window.
  • You can mail a cashier's check or money order to: Utah County Jail "inmate's name" 3075 North Main Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

Can I purhase commissary for an active inmate?

The website http://www.jailatm.com allows you to log in and purchase hygiene, stationery and/or a phone card for an active inmate. It helps to know the inmate's booking number, however the website does have a search option if you do not know that information.

If an inmate owes a debt, you can make a payment to the account but cannot order commissary until the debt is paid.