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The 2019 Mountain States SWAT Training & Competition will be held September 4-6. Through the Utah 1033 Foundation, this event supports the families of Utah Officers who die in the line of duty

Curtis Blue Line, in partnership with Utah County Sheriff’s Office, Provo Police Department, and The Utah 1033 Foundation presents the Fifth Annual Mountain States SWAT Training &Competition.  This event will be held September 4-6, 2019, with events taking place at the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Thistle Gun Range in Spanish Fork Canyon and the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy near the Provo Airport.  Net proceeds for this Competition go to The Utah 1033 Foundation.  This foundation is dedicated to providing meaningful financial help for the families of Utah Law Enforcement Officers who die in the line of duty.

Teams from across Utah and at least three other western states will participate in 18 events over 48 hours.  Those events include multiple live-fire courses, non-lethal training, and an obstacle course.  This year, in addition to the team competition,there will also be a competition for Individual Officer Events (IOE).  The IOE competition is open to all sworn law enforcement and corrections officers whether or not they are SWAT certified.  Out of state agencies participating this year include San Francisco SWAT, Union City California SWAT, Garfield County Colorado All-Hazards Response Team, and the reigning MSSTC 2018 Champions from Idaho National Labs SRT in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

All the events in this training/competition have practical, real world application in the jobs that team members do in their day to day responsibilities.  So, participants engage in rigorous training,develop friendly camaraderie through competition, and support a worthy charitable cause.

We ask that local media outlets cover this event to help our communities understand what many officers do in order to better protect them and respond to emergencies.  You are welcome during any part, or all, of the training/competition.  Participants with various agencies will be available for interviews as well.

We also ask that local media outlets reach out to sister stations and publications, especially for out of state participants, to make them aware of this event and that one of their local agencies is involved in this training.

For questions contact:

Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer, Utah County Sheriff’s Office, (801)404-1912

Sergeant Nisha King, Public Information Officer, Provo Police Department, (801)360-0960

Jason Richards, MSSTC Director,Law Enforcement Specialist, Curtis Blue Line, (801)946-1729