Utah County Mount Timpanogos

Alphabetical list of forms and applications available on this website

Please note that most forms are in Adobe Acrobat.

Above Ground Fuel Tank Application
Access Permit Application
Access Permit Form
Agricultural Use Exemption
Attachment A:Athletic Event Permit Application
Attachment B:Entertainment/Reception Event Permit
Attachment C:Media Production Event Permit
Attachment D:Standard Event Permit Form
Beer License Application
Board of Adjustment Application for Conditional Use
Board of Adjustment Application for Variances
Board of Adjustment Application for an Alleged Error
Board of Equalization Appeal of Property Valuation
Board of Equalization Application for Property Tax Exemption
Board of Equalization Continued Property Tax Exemption Annual Statement
Board of Equalization Late Appeal of Property Valuation
Board of Equalization Late Appeal to Utah State Tax Commission
Building Permit Application
Burn Permit Application
Credit Card Authorization Form
Declaration and Dedication of Water
Event Permit Application
Excavation Permit Application
Explosive Blasting Permit Application
Fire Alarm System Record of Completion Form
Fire Marshal Special Events Permit Application
Fuel Tank Permit Application
GRAMA Request Form
General Plan Amendment
Greenbelt Owner Withdrawl Application
Hazardous Materials Permit Application
House plants - Diagnostic Lab Form
Housing Assistance Payments Contract
Irrigation Plan Checklist
Irrigation and Canal Company Approval Letter
LPG Permit Application
Land Use Ordinance Amendment
Land Use Ordinance Violation Report
Large Scale Development Application
Liquor License Local Consent Application
Lost Person Questionnaire
Lost Person Questionnaire - Special Needs
Marriage License Application
Motor Vehicle Refund
Noxious Weed Certification Form
Owner/Builder Certification Form
Personal Property Account Information Change Form
Personal Property Exemption Information and Application - 2014
Pre-Application Conference for Large Scale Developments
Preliminary Zone Clearance Request
Request Property Tax Refund Indemnity Form
Runaway and Missing Person's Report
Schedule B
Schedule D 2014
Self Employment Form
Sheriff's Office GRAMA Request Form
Sheriff's Office Voluntary Statement Form
Solicitor's Permit Application
Solicitor's Permit Application - Change Request
Subdivision Application Documents Outline
Temporary Use Permit Application
Utah County Employment Application
Vegetation Defensible Space Agreement
Vendor Application
W-9 Form
Water Company Commitment Letter
Weatherization Agreement
Weatherization Application
Weatherization Crisis Application
Weatherization Rental Agreement
Zone Map Amendment
Zoning Compliance Permit